The company

QED Property is a professional property management company operating in the heart of Budapest specializing in managing properties owned by international investors which are rented by ex-pats, international students and local professionals.

QED Property manages a property portfolio in excess of 100 properties consisting of residential apartments and shops and offices with a combined estimated current market value of more than €15 million.

Fully legal and tax registered QED Property was formed in 2006 by Szilvi and Andrew Dorrian and has been growing steadily since. In short, we have worked very hard to earn a good reputation and we intend to keep this. We pride ourselves on doing the best we can whenever we can.

The directors

Andrew Dorrian
Andrew Dorrian moved to Hungary’s capital city in 2003 for the best reason of all – for love! Happily married since 2006 to co-director Szilvi Dorrian, he has an honors degree in Economics and Politics Bsc and can speak Hungarian fluently.

Andrew’s main duties are front of house – meeting owners and renters, negotiating rental contracts, collecting rent and utility fees, dealing with maintenance problems in the properties and everything else in-between.

Andrew loves living and working in Budapest – an amazing metropolis with rich history, beautiful architecture, full of excitement. Equally, Andrew has a desire whenever possible to try to change Budapest for the better – to raise standards, to improve attitudes and expectations in every aspect of working and daily life. The future of Budapest depends on this.

In his freetime, Andrew enjoys spending time with his three children and making fun of himself.

Szilvia  Dorrian
Born and raised in Budapest, Szilvi Dorrian received a first class degree in Tourism and Hotel Management in 2007 from Budapest’s prestigious School of Economics. Prior to this Szilvi spent five years gaining valuable international experience working in London and in Seoul, Korea.

Szilvi manages the back office operation – preparing monthly reports for owners, liaising with accountants, issuing invoices, dealing with local government offices and building managers, banking, paying utility bills and balancing the accounts.

Szilvi juggles her freetime between family life, exercise classes and baking cakes.

Company details:

Company name

QED Property Management Ltd

Tax Number


Managing Directors

Andrew Dorrian

Szilvi Dorrian



1061 Budapest, Dalszínház u. 10.1/3


+36 (06) 30 643 3382 / +36 (06) 30 628 0128      


+36 1 332 7127